Compatible with Windows 10 and 11.

Download and run the exe file.
Restart Windows after installation.


Tested with macOS Ventura 13.4

Download and install the pkg file. Then restart the Terminal.
From now on, the tool can be used with “ai” from any directory.


Tested with Ubuntu 22

Download and unzip the Zip.

Change to the unzipped directory and make the file “ai” executable:
chmod +x ai

Edit the .bashrc file in the home directory.
The following line must be added:
export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/your/aicmd

Then update your changes:
source ~/.bashrc

From now on, the tool can be used with “ai” from any directory.


18.06.2024 - Version 0.2.9

- Fixed a problem detecting if you are using powerhshell or regular cmd

12.06.2024 - Version 0.2.8

- Bug fixes

07.06.2024 - Version 0.2.7

- Bug fixes

- A lot of small new imrovements

07.05.2024 - Version 0.2.6

- Bug fixes

03.05.2024 - Version 0.2.5

- Help revised

- New API Version v8

- Guest Mode (use of the tool without logging in)

29.12.2023 - Version 0.2.4

View and edit old requests with -a

27.12.2023 - Version 0.2.3

Check for updates and download updates with -u

20.12.2023 - Version 0.2.1

Easier to use -e and -f commands

example -e ping_xida.bat and # example -f ping_xida.bat

will read the script ping_xida.bat and ask the ai to explain it

you can still add your own text


ai -f ping_xida.bat change the pinged domain to

ai -e ping_xida.bat what does the first line of this script do

19.12.2023 - Version 0.2.0

-f attach a script and ask for changes

ai -f ping.bat change the pinged domain to

Or use it to ask what a script does:

ai -e -f build_windows.bat if I run this script in D:\GIT\Intern\ai-cmd in which folder will I be after running it?

"The script changes directories multiple times, but it always returns to the original directory."

18.12.2023 - Version 0.1.9

-i also contains information about the latest version to download

17.12.2023 - Version 0.1.8

Multi-line commands are now possible

16.12.2023 - Version 0.1.7

Support for macOS

15.12.2023 - Version 0.1.6

Translations are updated only every 24 hours.

13.12.2023 - Version 0.1.4

Settings are accessible via -p.

In the settings, you can also set the language.

The default language is the system language.

07.12.2023 - Version 0.1.2

Linux support.

06.12.2023 - Version 0.1.1

Powershell support

29.11.2023 - Version 0.1.0

Transition to our improved V7 API

07.09.2023 - Version 0.0.9

Small bug fixes

31.08.2023 - Version 0.0.8

i / – info option added

h / help option added